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Precision Resource is a dynamic and growing fineblanking company that provides critical component solutions for manufacturers throughout the world. With a passion for innovation in Fineblanking and an unmatched array of secondary finishing capabilities, we’re a fineblanking parts manufacturer that offers our customers superior manufacturing solutions.


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Precision Resource is committed to satisfying our customers by delivering on all of our commitments. We pursue this by managing our operations with disciplined adherence to our quality systems, focusing on continuous improvement, and integrating new technologies in our processes. The result is excellent quality and delivery performance.

It's what we do every day.

We are a recognized leader in the development of fineblanking technology, producing millions of fully finished components for our customers every day – on time, ready for assembly. If you’re seeking a fineblanking parts manufacturer with a vested interest in your continued success, contact us today—we’re ready to help.

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Smarter. Faster. Better. Every Day.

Precision Resource is a recognized leader in the development of fineblanking technology. With our more than 100 fineblanking presses and extensive secondary finishing capabilities we produce millions of fully finished components for our customers every day – on time, ready for assembly.

PR Receives General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award

PR Receives General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award

Precision Resource Connecticut, Precision Resource Illinois and Precision Resource Kentucky were recently awarded the General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award for the 2020 calendar year. Exceptional team effort has enabled our divisions to win this prestigious recognition several times during the last decade. The General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award recognizes that Precision Resource has […]

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    Our facilities around the globe deliver results where you need them most.


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    We serve a wide array of industries that need high quality, precision components.


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    Discover more about what makes us the North American leader in fineblanking.


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    We employ fineblanking and a host of secondary finishing technologies to make critical components.


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